Villa Maggi In Tuscany


The restoration of Villa Maggi was completed in 2001. The residence has regained its original splendor and charm while also being furnished with every possible comfort. The large and comfortable kitchen retained its original fireplace and modern boilers assure heating of over 600 sq meters as well as a continuous supply of hot waters for the six bathrooms of the house.

Most of the furniture pieces originate between the 16th and 19th century framed by beautiful paintings on the walls. Every detail has been carefully considered for the guest’s visit.

In this splendid Pre-Renaissant residence, you will find the historical and architectural glories which, for centuries, Tuscany has fashioned for its cultured inhabitants. These blocks of stone and mortar stirred the souls of distant travelers of the past, who found in the perfection of their form, the harmony of a rigorous and confident art. As soon as you sit below the beautiful arches or in front of a great fireplace you will feel peace and quietness as they quickly take over..

In the heart of Tuscany, San Polo is an archaeological area with important findings, such as a polychromatic marble arch and several granite columns dating back to the Etruscan period, successively used for the building of a chapel in the Duomo of Arezzo.

With an altitude of 340 meters, San Polo is a few kilometers from the centre of Arezzo. It is the home of Chianti vineyards, hundred year old olive trees and villas. The climate is dry and in the summer a light breeze cools the evenings spent dining under the wisteria pergola.

Villa Maggi and its romantic park, is situated between the antique Romanesque church of San Polo, and the sixteenth century sanctuary of “Madonna del Giuncheto”, which was built there when a water cult brought many women to drink from a source believed to stimulate maternal milk for those who had none.

During then Imperial age of the Romans this site was an agricultural area with two important farms, lookout towers and both civil and military roads. Built upon the remains of a Roman tower now incorporated within the walls, the Villa was successively enriched with architectural and structural elements until end of 19th – beginning of 20th century.

Villa Maggi’s name comes from an ancient family of aristocrats and lawyers that owned it for about two centuries; in fact, the fireplace in the hall bears the Maggi’s coat of arms. During the Renaissance it was called Villa Ruscelli, from the name of another ancient noble Arezzo family, probably responsible for most of its present form, especially on the northern side. Villa Maggi is situated on a high bank, providing an incredible view towards Arezzo, its magnificent late-gothic duomo, other villas, and the rolling hills of Tuscany.


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